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Mermaid Pillow - PUPPIES PLAY


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Our Mermaid Positivity Collection Pillows ☺ are being called “mesmerizing", "calming", and "a healthy break from the stimulation of electronics”. Each design features an illustration and positive message on the cover, and reversible, colorful sequins on the back that can be “drawn” on with the swipe of a finger or hand.

For all the puppy lovers out there, our brand new PLAY Puppy Pillow w/ Turquoise and Silver Sequins is made just for you! This pillow features a lovable puppy and a back full of our "magic" sequins that can be moved to create endless designs! 

  • Colors: Turquoise and Silver Sequins
  • Size: 12" x 20"
  • Front: PLAY Illustration on soft velvet/ Back: Reversible Sequins